Linking Science, Art, and Practice Through Digital Sound

Using examples from theatre, movies, music production, & more, our curriculum tackles
the science and mathematics of digital sound in a practical, applicable way.

This isn't just a basic tutorial, but a full textbook's worth of educational material! It's built to be modular, so you can get exactly what you need for your courses. Learn More
The curriculum is loaded up with interactive tutorials, video demos, programming exercises, & more, to engage your students both inside and outside the text.Learn More
A collaborative effort by computer science, education, and sound design faculty, this material is designed to help bridge the gap between creative and technical coursework.Learn More
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  • practical_dawsetup

  • flash_acousticgain

  • max_subtractonautpres1

  • max_subtractonautprog2

  • max_oscillatorblock

  • video_slinky

  • flash_harmonicmotion

  • max_recognizingnotes

  • flash_beatsinameasure

  • max_bitdepth

  • practical_programming

Diverse tutorials, demos, and exercises to bring together students of all backgrounds!

From interactive Flash tutorials, to Max/MSP demos, MATLAB exercises, C++ and Java programming exercises, video demonstrations, and practical exercises, the curriculum is intended to engage students of varying disciplines and skill levels.
  • Approach the content from different angles to best suit your needs
  • From practical software applications, all the way down to raw code
  • Dive as deep as your courses and students are able to go
  • Interactive and hands on supplements based on real world application
  • Introduce arts students to computer science & programming, or vice versa!

Science, meet Art.
Art, meet Science.

The DIGITAL SOUND & MUSIC material is made for teachers of a variety of courses in computer science and production aspects of music, audio, and the performing arts. Engage your students' interest in science by linking it more tightly to practice with real-world, artistic applications!

Full Chapters
Learning Supplements
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Take what you need. Leave what you don't.

While we've written up a full textbook's worth of material, we know that education and curriculum is not one size fits all.
If you only need a single chapter or two, that's okay! Just grab it along with the individual supplements that work for your class.

Or, you could always try exploring one of our ready made modules:

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