Module Description

This module was made for a Sound System Design class at UNC School of the Arts. This is meant for beginning theatre sound design students who want to learn more about how to design sound systems for theatrical productions.

  • Wave Propagation
  • The Decibel
  • Loudspeaker Directivity
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Acoustics
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Module #2 - Sound System Design Reading Assignments

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Sound Waves and Harmonic MotionLast Updated May 20, 2014
Explore the concepts of wave propagation.
Longitudinal and Transverse WavesLast Updated May 18, 2014
Looks at the physics of and similarities between these two wave types.
Longitudinal Wave DemonstrationLast Updated May 22, 2014   (20.0 B)
Illustrates the physics of a longitudinal wave with a suspended slinky.
String ResonanceLast Updated May 22, 2014   (20.0 B)
Using a sine wave generator, a driver, and a string, we observe the phenomenon of resonances.
Pipe ResonanceLast Updated May 22, 2014   (119.7 KiB)
A column of water and a tuning fork are used to illustrate the raised amplitude that results from pipe resonance.
Phase and PolarityLast Updated May 19, 2014   (5.5 MiB)
An in-depth examination of phase, and its similarities and differences from polarity.
Comb FilteringLast Updated May 19, 2014   (1.2 MiB)
Practice recognizing the effect of comb filtering on sound samples.
Working With DecibelsLast Updated May 19, 2014   (575.3 KiB)
Convert to, from, and between decibels with this exercise in practical application.
Loudspeaker InteractionLast Updated May 22, 2014   (20.0 B)
Potential Acoustic GainLast Updated May 20, 2014
Explore how to avoid feedback and maximize your potential acoustic gain.